Information about the fee 2018

From January 1 2018, the fee is changed from 0,03 % to 0,02 %, read more about the changes here.  Read article

Deadline for payment of the annual fee - March 17th, 2016

The Secretariat sent out letters with payment claims for 2016's fee on Thursday, February 25th. The deadline is March 17th. The fee is 0.03% of last year's gross salaries, and... Read article

The role of RSR

The regional safety representatives visit work places within the building and construction sector in order to contribute to a safe and secure work environment.

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The scheme is financed by a fee collected from the companies in the building and construction industry.
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Regional Safety representatives

The regional safety representative (RSR) scheme for the building and construction sector was established in 1981. 16 years later, in 1997, the project funding scheme was added. Feedback from the industry and the involved parties shows that both schemes are considered to be appropriate and solid.

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Project funding

The fund board allocates funds to studies, analyses and projects within the field of workplace environment.

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