Information about the fee


The scheme of regional safety representatives is financed by an annual fee that is paid by companies in the building and construction industry. The fee is a regulatory requirement and has statutory basis in regulations relating to administrative schemes under the scope of the Working Environment Act § 14-2.

The scheme covers all businesses operating in the building and construction industry, cf. Forskrift om organisering, ledelse og medvirkning, § 5-1. The building and construction industry is classified in § 1-4.5. At Statistics Norway you can standard industrial classification for the building and construction industry (SSB Code 41 -43).

From 2017, Visma Collectors AS will handle invoice, debt collection and customer service about the collection of the annual fee paid to the scheme.

Calculation methods:

 The fee is pre-calculated by the secretariat and all claims will be send out with an amount based on gross wage expenses from The register of company accounts.

 Calculation is done in following ways:

• Sole proprietorship without employees: fee 250 NOK

• Enterprises started current year: 250 NOK

• Enterprises with employees: the fee is calculated based on last year’s wage expenses (cf. The register of company accounts), with deduction of 30 % administration. The fee is 0,03 % of this amount.

• Other enterprises with several employees, where the secretariat are missing information regarding wage expenses: the fee will be calculated based on last year’s fee or the number of employees

The enterprise will receive information about calculated fee by e-mail or ordinary mail, that way it will be possible to change information about wage, before the fee is posted.

In cases where the fee is below 250 NOK, a minimum amount of 250 NOK still must be paid.

If the calculated fee differs from your enterprise own numbers, you can correct it here. Log on with organization- and customer number. On this page, you must also check that e-mail and invoice address is correct.

 After deadline, the enterprise will receive invoice electronic, by email or mail.

 For further information regarding the fee, please contact the secretariat.

Regulations concerning fee collecting for the regional safety representatives scheme for building and construction activities (Norwegian text)

Forskrift om administrative ordninger, kapittel 14 § 14-2 regionale verneombud